Architectural Photography

We packed bags and equipment needed for the shoot and began our journey at 12:30pm. First stop was Sparrows Production were we met Ken for one of our equipment needed for the shoots. We later went through Osu to cash some money from the bank to fill our car tank for a smooth ride.

We arrived at our destination at 3:20pm, met the marketing team of Fortune City Accra Ghana and they  took us round showing us the building to be sold. We did a drone shots from the entrance through the estate to get best high view to intricate the place.

Interior and exterior shots were also taken to give a feel of the apartments proper. Shots of the social facilities were not left out as well. At 8:30pm we were through with our exciting and adventurous photo shoot.

We began our journey back home at 8:40pm and arrived home at 10:00pm

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