Our team recently designed a perfume product called TANAL, which is housed in a royal blue glass bottle with a sleek LED metal lid. The aim of the design was to create a luxurious and visually striking product that would capture the attention of customers and stand out on shelves. We started by developing the concept for the scent, taking into account the brand’s values and target audience. Once the scent was finalized, we moved on to designing the bottle and packaging. The royal blue glass bottle was chosen for its elegance and sophistication, while the LED metal lid added a modern and innovative touch. We also designed a minimalist label that featured the brand name and a simple geometric pattern, allowing the bold blue color of the bottle to take center stage. The final product was a stunning and luxurious perfume that effectively communicated the brand’s values and captured the attention of customers. Overall, our team’s attention to detail and creative approach to design helped to create a winning product that delighted the client and exceeded their expectations.
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